Come Fly With Us!

If you are age 8 to 17, then
come to Lincoln Park Airport
beginning at 9:00 am
on Sunday, September 13th and
experience the thrill of powered flight.

Federally licensed, experienced pilots from this area will be donating their time to give free airplane rides to kids interested in aviation. The event will end at about noon. If there is a large turnout of kids to fly, registration may need to be cut off early in order to complete all flights by noon. The earlier you arrive and register the better chance you will have of flying.

This Young Eagles Flight Rally program is sponsored by Lincoln Park based Chapter 501 of the Experimental Aircraft Association.

(See the main EAA 501 web page for pictures of prior years' Young Eagles flights at Lincoln Park. Check out the EAA national organization's description of this program at

How to get to Lincoln Park Airport:
CLICK HERE for an interactive MapQuest map
to help you find Lincoln Park Airport.
The base of Young Eagles flight operations will be at the
NORTHEAST corner of the airport at the intersection of
Beaverbrook Road and Jacksonville Road.
Park in the lot by the restaurant or in spaces
along Beaverbrook Road. The registration desk
will be under the canopy on the ramp.

Before each flight, the pilot-host or "ground school" instructor will introduce passengers to the various aspects of flying and answer all questions. The short airborne ride around the area is accomplished in a "normal category" aircraft, the kind you see every day at general aviation airports such as Lincoln Park.

Click here to get a quick introduction to the science of flying and a good explanation of the four forces of flight. There are also links to other websites making the basics of flying easy to understand.

Children will be flown on a first come first served basis. However a simple email with the number of children and their ages would be appreciated for event planning purposes. Email our program coordinator Allen Dunn at

Also, if your child has any special needs that we should be aware of prior to the flight please let us know what those requirements are and if at all possible we will try our best to accommodate your child, but remember our first priority is safety.

There will be several airplanes flying the kids and the event will conclude after about 3 hours. There is always the possibility that changing weather conditions will cause delays or a cancellation of the flights. There is also the possibility that the President's travel plans could cause restrictions to general aviation flying on relatively short notice. This web site will display any decisions that are made before 7:00am. After that hour the flight decisions will be made at the airport. There is no "rain date". After September 13, our last Young Eagles event of the season will be on
October 18.

When you arrive at the airport all parents/guardians must fill out and sign the waiver agreement and flight registration record forms. These MUST be signed by a parent or guardian. Blank forms will be available at the registration desk at our base of operations. EAA now has a nationwide way of signing up for Young Eagles flights. It is accessible at WWW. YEDAY.ORG where parents can fill out the form. Filling out this on-line form does help Chapter 501 know how many kids we might have showing up for rides, but a parent still has to fill out and sign a form at our registration desk on the morning of the event.

On flight day passengers should dress casually but neatly. Bring a sweater or light jacket. Wear non-skid shoes. Eat lightly, at home, before you come.

Refreshments will be available after your flight and each youngster will be presented with a specially printed EAA Young Eagles Certificate as a lasting record of the flight.

A record of each flight is later registered in EAA's World's Largest Logbook where you can find the names of more than 2.0 million kids who have flown on Young Eagles flights since 1992.

Parents: EAA's Young Eagles flights are for the kids. If YOU want to go flying, we recommend you meet the pilots and flight instructors at
Aero Safety Training, Ltd.
, on the field at Lincoln Park Airport, and arrange for a sightseeing ride or flight instruction.

Adults who have it in mind to maybe get a pilot's license can also arrange to get a free introductory ride from an EAA 501 Chapter member-pilot.
Click here for more information about EAA's adult Eagle Flights program.
Click here to read about how EAA Chapter 501 offers free flights for adults.

The Young Eagles Flight Rally program at Lincoln Park Airport is conducted by
Chapter 501 of the Experimental Aircraft Association which is grateful for the assistance
and advice of the owners and management of Lincoln Park Airport.