***** Young Eagles Flight Rally - May 19, 2019 *****

May 19, 2019
Six EAA Chapter 501 pilots
gave rides to 63 Young Eagles
at Lincoln Park Airport.

Pilots and planes
Charlie Derk - PA-28-181 Archer II, N8150X

Bryant Dunn - Cessna 182T, N8050J

Mike Dzurny - Luscombe 8E, N2692K

Larry Kalb - Cessna 177RG, N2654V

Jeff Ross - PA-23-250 Aztec, N251EA

Steve Vail - Cessna 120, N1899N

Chapter 501 members in the ground crew
Allen F. Dunn
Barry Inglett
Vince Lalomia
Matt Lamm
Lee McQuade
Bob Menier
Don Provost
Ron Reinartz
Jon Seibert
Kristen Seibert
Abigail Seibert

Non-members volunteering
Anna Chou
Alden Lebov
Allison Ross
Dawn Ross
Diane Sandow
Linda Scully

We salute the 63 youngsters who became certified
Young Eagles at our Sunday, May 19th Lincoln Park
Airport event. Many thanks to our six Chapter 501
pilots who flew them on a perfect day with the help
of the 10-plus members of our ground crew.

The Young Eagles event was overseen by our Y.E.
Coordinator Allen Dunn. Registration and certificate
production was handled by Dawn and Allison Ross,
Anna Chou and Diane Sandow. Matt Lamm directed
aircraft parking with the help of Alden Lebov.
Passenger and parents' safety-escorting on the ramp
was done by Allen Dunn, Barry Inglett, Vince Lalomia,
Bob Menier, Lee McQuade, Don Provost, Ron Reinartz
and Jon Seibert.

Linda Scully and the staff at Aero Safety Training
flight school welcomed visiting parents and kids to
show them the starting point for learning to fly.

Photos taken by Vince Lalomia, Don Provost and Steve Vail.

Photos taken by Vince Lalomia, Don Provost and Steve Vail.