October 16, 2016
Eight EAA Chapter 501 pilots
gave rides to 57 Young Eagles
at Lincoln Park Airport.

It was the first decent weather for a 501 event this year since April 17! On our final Young Eagles Flight Rally of the year at Lincoln Park Airport we not only had a good turnout of kids, but also airplanes and good weather, delayed on Sunday October 16 only a half hour by morning fog.

A number of the 57 kids who flew were from the Green Residential Community Home in Ringwood. The New Jersey Juvenile Justice Commission operates 12 such homes across the state where young offenders spend about six months in a structured learning environment with no fences.

The ground support crew was headed up by Allen Dunn, standing in for Jon Seibert who had to be out of town. Dawn Ross, helped by Diane Sandow did the registration and certificate production. Aircraft parking and escorting of people on the ramp was done by Bob Menier, Lee McQuade, Allen Dunn and Don Provost. Also helping was EAA 501 Charter Member/former member Rudy Steinthal. And Thank You Linda Scully!

The eight Chapter 501 pilots who volunteered their time, airplanes, did the flying and footed the avgas bills were...
Mike Dzurny Luscombe 8E
Paolo Grassi AutoGyro Calidus
Scott Johnson Cessna 182T Skylane
Vince Lalomia Cessna 170B
Craig Reding Cessna 172 R172K Hawk XP
Ron Reinartz Beechcraft BE36 Bonanza
Jeff Ross Piper PA-23-250 Aztec
Steve Vail Cessna 120

Photos taken by Don Provost.