EAA 501 Fly-In to Warwick, NY, 2008

On Sunday, May 17, 2009
Warwick Aerodrome was host to
just 5 visiting aircraft at
EAA 501's 22nd Annual Fly-In!

Sunday was our next-day "rain date".
But it looks as though pilots had made
other plans for the rest of their weekend.

Scroll down for 18 photos of the day's activities...

EAA 501's Jim Miller brought
the hot dogs and soda
in his Bell JetRanger.

EAA 501's Bob Suess arrived
in his Glastar Sportsman.

Ground Boss Ron Reinartz
didn't have much work to to!

Ric Carhart flew his Tomahawk
in from Braden Field in Easton.

Heywood Saland arrived from
Morristown in his AirCam.

Bob Steffans flew his Enstrom
F-28A up from Peapack.

It was a short hop for
Joe Glennon and his Arrow
from Sussex.

Not sure who flew in with
this beautiful RV-7A or from where.
(Please EMAIL us if you know.)