EAA 501 2006 Annual Fly-In Warwick, NY, Aerodrome - May 20, 2006 All Registered or Identifiable Aircraft Attending Click the name for a photo of each aircraft. Blue=click to see photo Black=no photo available Brown=viewed already * = also attended last year. Some registered aircraft did not compete for awards.
1. Antiques- a. Waco UPF-7, 1941, NC32168, Vince Pangia, Poughkeepsie, NY * b. DH Tiger Moth DH82-A, 1943, N9410, Mike Maniatis, New York, NY * 2. Classics- a. Cessna 120, 1947, N1899N, Club plane, Vince LaLomia, Montclair, NJ * b. " 170-A, 1949, N3857V, Bob Ohlson, Edison, NJ * c. " 170-A, 1950, N9119A, Peter Torraca, New York, NY d. " 170-B, 1954, N2856C, Dave Germaine, West Orange, NJ BEST CLASSIC * e. Ercoupe 415, 1946, N3139H, Bill Stevick, Lodi, NJ f. Piper PA-18, 1952, N118SM, David Mars, Pocahontas, MS BEST VINTAGE PIPER g. " PA-18, 1954, N1383W, Christine Young, Andover, NJ 3. Contemporary- a. Cessna 172A, 1960, N9721T, Mark Harrison, Sparta, NJ b. " 172C, 1961, N8260Y, Todd Cronin, Greenwood Lake, NY c. " 172D, 1963, N168MS, Tim Dahlen, East Moriches, NY (amphib) d. " 180H, 1966, N500AK, Ron Krantz, Mahwah, NJ e. Piper PA-23-150, 1956, N2236P, Tom Altruda, Middle Island, NY f. " PA-28-180, 1964, N7893W, unidentified g. " PA-28-180, 1967, N4922L, Helen Moffit, Wurtsboro, NY h. Shinn-Morrissey, 1961, N917JL, Arnold Witherell, Huguenot, NY * i. Silvaire(Luscombe)8-F, 1960, N110S, Paul Massey, Eastport, NY BEST CONTEMPORARY 4. Custombuilt- a. Marquat Charger MA-5, 1971, N7148, Bill Tyndall, West Milford, NJ * b. Pazmany PL-2, 1975, N14571, Jerry Bontempo, Lodi, NJ c. Rans S-7, 2003, N666EC, E.C. Moore, Branchburg, NJ Past winner at N72, OSH and Sun 'n Fun * d. Steen Skybolt, 1991, N305JP, Art Leidenfrost, Saddle Brook, NJ * e. Thorp T-18, 1977, N36EH, Elmer Hymen, Midland Park, NJ f. Vans RV-4, 2001, N4064G, Dwight Stephan, Center Moriches, NY BEST CUSTOMBUILT g. " RV-6, N65TD, Tim Davison, Seaford, NY 5. Warbirds- a. Fairchild PT-23, 1943, N60332, Ron Gertsen, Kinnelon, NJ BEST WARBIRD * b. Boeing 75 (PT-17), 1943, N300LY, Dave MacMillan, Hewitt, NJ * c. " " (PT-17), 1941, N65412, Ron Gertsen, Kinnelon, NJ d. " " (N3N) 1943, N79561, Tom Rucinski, Paramus, NJ * 6.Non-Class Aircraft- a. Beech Bonanza A-36, N14LR, Ron Reinartz, Glen Rock, NJ * b. " " V-358, N4486S, Ed Katzen, West Hampton, NY GREATEST DISTANCE (90NM) c. Cessna 172K, 1969, N84275, Gerry King, Deer Park, NY d. " 172K, 1972, N80090, Ed Cerverizzo, Garden City, NY e. " 182T, 2006, N23959, Steve Kent, Warwick, NY f. " 182, 2003, N2265M, Greg Dwyer, Wayne, NJ * g. Cirrus SR-20 2000, N420CP, R. Brennan, McAfee, NJ h. Grumman AA-5A, 1976, N9779U, Jack Fleischer, Manhasset, NY i. Micco MAC-145A, 2000, N720DM, Rich Lucas, Sussex, NJ j. Mooney M20J. 1977, N201GH, Paul Woermann, New Fairfield, CT k. Piper PA-24 Commanche, 1966, N9037P, Rich Lucas, Lincoln Park, NJ l. " PA-28-140, 1969, N8895N, Nelson Anglero, Long Island City, NY m. " PA-28-140, 1971, N543FL, Dick Wedemeyer, Wayne, NJ * 7. Total Aircraft in Attendance- 43 Above aircraft data compiled by Harry Barker. Photos were taken by Don Provost.