***** November 4, 2017 *****

EAA Chapter 501 hosted its 28th Fly-In,
for the first time at
Aeroflex-Andover (12N) Airport.

After being rained out three times
in the last year and a half
11/04/17 was a beautiful November day.

CLICK to see the Fly-In poster.

We originally planned to have the base of operations on the grass on the east side
of the field. Our host, Airport Manager John Flyntz had a better idea. Base it on
the ramp and overflow aircraft can still use the grass. It worked out great!

Our Fly-In Chairman Steve Vail got major help from...
Ground Control - Mike Dzurny
Registration - Lee McQuade
Chief Judge - Ron Reinartz
Food Service - Larry Kalb
Helping in many areas were Greg Dwyer, Allan Feid, Jr., Paolo Grassi, Nick Kapotes, Vince and Karen Lalomia, Matt Lamm, Dave MacMillan, Bob Menier, Francesco Murano, Don Provost, Walt Reuter, Diane Sandow, John Santucci, Sam Thornton and Lisa Gordon.

At least 40 aircraft flew in from four states and 33 of them registered to be judged.
The award winners were...

Best Homebuilt: 2016 Wag Aero Wagabond
(N4946H, yellow), Lee Thomas, FWN.

Best Contemporary Homebuilt: 2014 Bearhawk
(N83ME, yellow/wht), Mark Scott, MMU.

Best Antique/Classic: 1947 Cessna 140
(N2350N, silver/green), Rich Harris, MGJ.

Best Warbird: 1947 Aeronca L-16 Champ
(N1134V, silver), Gus Johnson, 12N.

Best in Show: 1941 WACO UPF-7
(NC32141, orange/black), Dan Wilkins,
50PA (Pegasus, a private field).

116 photos taken by Steve Vail and Don Provost.

Photos taken by Steve Vail and Don Provost.