EAA Chapter 501 Charter Document

EAA Chapter 501 Charter Document

EAA Chapter 501 received its
charter from EAA on July 9, 1975.
It is believed that the pilots' group
that filed for the charter had been meeting
at Lincoln Park Airport in previous years,
name not known.

Lincoln Park Airport owner Ed Gorski was a
charter member.

Charter member Dave Mege continues to be a
dues-paying Chapter 501 member although no one
can remember when he last attended a meeting!
We believe Dave sold his N07-based Stinson 108-3
about 10 years ago

Rudy Steinthal, long time official of the
New Jersey Aviation Hall of Fame and Museum,
was a Chapter 501 charter member, but he admits
that he never came back after the first meeting.
Rudy often volunteers at our Young Eagles events
and has for years, along with Steve Riethof been
on the management team of the NJAHOF annual
Wings and Wheels event.

Thank You to Ray Johnson, who joined Chapter 501
during its first or second year, for framing and
preserving this document! The original, for now,
hangs in Ron Reinartz' den and will eventually
hang in our Chapter 501-owned clubhouse, the
construction of which is still in our dreams.