Firing at Culebra Island: 31 Jan - 3 Feb 1966... See Mount 51's checksight observer on his soundpowered phones, about a dozen spent shells on the deck lower right, and cellar pipe with firehose laid out on main deck port side.

When Bill Latta emailed this photo, he commented: "I am sending another photo scan from my slides to replace a scan I sent earlier for your online photo collection. This one shows fire from both barrels of Mount 51 at the time of firing. This shot was very difficult to get, given the speed limitations of cameras in those days."

Bill was not the only sailor able to get a close up look at the gun shoot. He explained that Captain Martin just on this occasion allowed a number of men not directly connected with the call-for-fire shorefire bombardment to break from GQ and enjoy the show as topside spectators.