EAA 501 members' projects in progress...

Three Chapter 501 members have RV-10s
in progress in their basements or garages...

Bill Cannon is wiring the panel. November 2013.
The Cannons are moving to Arizona and in early 2016
Bill shipped the almost completed RV-10 to its new home
workshop in Lake Havasu!

Mike Elstien has tail assembly underway. November 2015.
Mike's Build-Log is at: http://elstien.us/wordpress

Charlie Derk working on tail parts. February 2016.
Charlie's Build-Log is at: http://n688cd.wordpress.com

Steve Vail's Acrosport II
during our June 2013 visit.

Bill Cannon's RV-10
during our July 2009 visit.

Jon Socolof's Lancair Legacy Racer in February 2009 at Medford Oregon shop where he built it.

Here's is Jon's completed aircraft at Greenwood Lake in September 2010.

George Brewer's Sonex
during our August 2005 visit.

Photos not yet available:

Ron Reinartz' RV-6

Nick Kapotes' Aeronca Champ restoration